I'm interested in creating Useful things.
I've been developing for the interactive space for a decade. As the web has evolved – from Flash and tables to Angular and SASS – I have grown with it. I have a fundamental understanding of the web; how it works, and how to build for it.

Thoughtful, User-Focused Experience Design

As a creative developer- I understand that design and development are irrevocably intertwined.

I work best in an environment that supports development as part of the creative process. I enjoy working creatively- iterating over ideas quickly, utilizing rapid design-in-code prototyping as a part of the team creative process. Tools like AngularJS, Gulp, SASS, Foundation and Bootstrap allow for quick feature prototyping and I utilize them as much as possible.

I am passionate about the work I do, and I understand that there is a gulf between a project completed, and a project completed great.

Skillset & Work History

My primary focus is front-end development (Javascript, Node, Etc), clean CSS and semantic HTML. My tools of choice are Gulp, AngularJS, SASS and coffee (the analogue kind).

I am proficient in Javascript application architecture, programming for event-driven and persistent data applications, semantic HTML markup, clean CSS (with or without SASS), and the UX design and development processes. I've developed applications for many different environments: Interactive Projections, Desktop & Mobile, as well as In-Dash Displays for vehicles.

– Core Proficiencies –
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJS
  • SASS
  • Gulp/Grunt
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • CodeIgniter
  • Node.JS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Project Management
  • Event Driven Application Architecture
  • Teamplayer
  • CSS3
  • Technical Direction
  • Python
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • PhoneGap
  • Facebook API
  • Laravel
  • Twitter API
  • GitHub
  • Google Maps API
  • Bower

Clients & Awards

A few awards for projects I have worked on over the last several years.

Client: HP - Voodoo PC
Agency: Nemo Design
I received this for my work at Nemo Design.

Clients: Old Spice, Levis
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
The now famous Old Spice digital campaign was spearheaded by our team at W+K, as well as the Levi's Go Forth campaign. Both of which received many awards and much recognition.

Client: Ultimat Vodka
Agency: Stink Digital NYC
We created a social life audit for Ultimat Vodka. Mashable Coverage

Client: Old Spice
Agency: W+K
Received for my work on oldspice.com during my time as an interactive developer at Wieden+Kennedy. Adweek Coverage. And Here, too. A single, thoughtful campaign turned into a new brand identity - First doubling, then nearly tripling sales. Source.

Client: Ultimat Vodka
Agency: Stink Digital NYC
Another award for social life audit for Ultimat Vodka. Mashable Coverage

Client: Coke Zero
Agency: Ogilvy Paris/Stinkdigital NYC

Received for my work on The Coke Zero Make It Possible Project, and Social Life Audit for Ultimat Vodka.


One hundred and fifty years ago, more or less, traversing the country took 4 months. Covered wagons, lawless regions, an agonizing 4 months. (and as we all know from Apple IIe, the Oregon trail was rife with dysentery).

Today we create machines that talk in binary. We strap them to rockets and we hurl them into space. Technology has connected us in impossible ways.Humans are an amazing, insatiably inventive species.

What once was a lifetime, is now an instant. Now it's our turn. Let's push things forward.